5th Ward’s Black Wall Street: A Piece of Houston’s History

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What a great opportunity after cruising on my hoverboard through Acres Homes for the Juneteenth Parade to share a piece of Houston’s rich history of 5th Ward’s Black Wall Street with the community at LoneStar College on Victory Rd! After seeing “In All Thy Getting” by Holly Charles which showcased the story of Freedmen’s Town, and how we came together to pave our own streets, I was compelled to share a piece of 5th Ward History with over 60 Black-owned businesses down Lyons Avenue.

Passing within a mile of Acres Home Chamber of Commerce, Beulah Shepard – Acres Homes Library, and several historic churches, one could feel solidarity with community. There is so much we may do when we come together and consolidate strength. A powerful play goes on, each of us, and all of us and all of us may contribute a verse.

Share your stories on a long-time, church, business, or local hero in your community.

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